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The Future is Renewable Energy

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Legislation has recently passed requiring Hawaii to generate 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2045. Hawaii had a goal of being 15% reliable on renewable energy by 2015 and has surpassed that goal by 6%. What does this mean for residents? Affordability! Reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing use of photovaltaic systems drastically improves the cost of energy for a home.

PVRooftop PV is now on one of every 9 homes on Hawaii. Those numbers are especially significant for the Department of Energy who is researching each step we take towards being 100% reliant on renewable energy. A report was released showcasing the drastic jump Oahu has made installing PV on residential and commercial properties. Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii are running close to each other on the energy race.

With the rampant growth of wind farms and PV systems, Hawaii is sure to meet the 2030 goal of being 40% reliable on renewable energy. This will be wonderful change in cost of living for Hawaii residents. Are you looking to buy or sell your Maui home? Contact me today to discuss the benefits of renewable energy changes and your Maui lifestyle.


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