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4 Questions Home Sellers Should Ask to a Realtor

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realestate1With over 2.5 million real estate agents out there finding the right one for your transaction is tough. So when you are meeting a real estate agent for the first time, you need to be a little inquisitive and self-assured when it comes to the details you want for your house. In this article, I will guide you to the few things you should ask your realtor so you can get a better deal.

The two most important and commonly asked question when it comes to listing homes are (1) How much do I get for my property? (2) How much will the commission be. Beyond that, most first-timers ask nothing more. If you ever get tongue-tied or brain-freeze during your first time the following questions are something you should think through.

realestateJob Experience: There is no magic number when it comes to experience. But this can be a good way to open up a conversation before throwing the two most important question. A home is typically the costliest transaction in business and you would want to deal with the most competitive real estate agent.

Marketing Plan: Ask how your agent is going to market your home to a great number of potential buyers. In fact, it is wise to look at the past listings and marketing track record to assess potential success. This time, you want to make sure that your house gets good advertising at a fair price. Otherwise, it might take forever to sell your house.

Communication Basics: How will you communicate together? What channels are you going to use? In selling your home, communication is very essential and right now there hundreds of media you can use. So you need to make sure which option will work best for you. Should you email, call, or tweet each other? As a matter of fact, realtor with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn can pose advantage on your end because they are easy to reach out.

Experience working with buyer: Some agents only work with home sellers but some do both. So try to ask your agent if he has successfully worked with buyers in the past. Experience in working with past buyers basically gives realtor the insights and perspective that makes them an effective negotiator.

success-realtorAgent’s sales stats: If you want to know how knowledgeable in home pricing your agent is, you would want  to ask his sales stats. Inquire in a subtle way for a list-to-price ratio. This is the final sale price apportioned by the latest listing price. If the percentage is 100 percent or more, the agent’s home sells for more than the listing price. The next thing you should ask is the length of time, the house stays on the list. The average time a house stays in the market determines the ability of the agent to price appropriately.

Finally, put in mind that a good agent should know about how to go through the tricks and treats in real estate business. On the top of every good agent’s mind is success with the client and chosen industry. I hope this article has helped equip you better when dealing with a realtor. Feel free to comment your thoughts and questions.


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