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Preparing Your Home for Staging

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So you have decided to put your house up for sale.  Just as you feel happy living in your home, putting your house on sale also requires other people to feel the same. This means that you have to dress your home appropriately for the occasion.

One of the turning point home selling is staging. This is where people will come in to your house and personally see whether they like it or not. When you show your house, you want prospects to feel as welcome as possible, and to stay for as long as likely to develop an emotional connection to your house and homily feel.Screenshot_18 If you need to sell your home fast, here are some low cost strategies for staging a Maui home.

Show it off – A huge number of buyers by homes based on emotion. “How a home feels” is more of a controlling factor that just a real estate statement. So what you are going to do first, is to clean your house. Revitalize your landscape, dust your bookshelves, and make some minor repairs in your kitchen, including the counters, bathroom tiles, and closet. When extremely necessary, replace the air-conditioning unit or heater and repaint the walls. Give your house a homily feel for everyone.

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Keep buyers focused – Remove collections such as ceramics, teddy bears, and figurines that might distract your prospect’s attention. Remove family photos and keep them somewhere safe. There is a possibility that your buyer might have some traumatic connections with some of your collection that will stop them from buying your house. But if you have had a background check on your buyers and find that they have kids, you can keep the collection in place, and probably earn $20,000 more than the sale price for such valuable collection.

Demonstrate a purpose. Place your furnishings and accessories in the
right place, so when prospects come in, they’d eventually know which part of the house is for what purpose. Rearrange items in the room and fill in odd spaces. stage 4

Take off any blinders. We become immune to the thing in the house we see every day, which is why it’s hard to determine which is good and bad. At this point, it is wise to invite your realtor to come and take a look at your surroundings and tell what stands out, both positive and negative.

Remember this “your house is a showroom”. Soon, your house will no longer be yours and it is during staging, that you are going to show off why your house is worth buying. In this fantasy world of home staging, you need to take all items that you don’t want prospects to see. Ex. Dog dishes, trash bins, and toothbrushes.

The goal here is to make everything look more spacious, more organized, warm, brighter, and homey. Once you have achieved that, you will be more than ready to welcome prospects in your house.


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