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Is it time to put your house on the market?

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contractHow do you know when the time is right?

A lot of people purchase houses and end up of staying there longer than they actually intended. But more people actually don’t know when to let go of their houses. In truth, there are many signs that you need to sell your home. Not all people see these signs as clearly as they should but selling their home could the best decision.

Obviously, there are some setbacks in selling a house. A house could be the largest investment couples make with their money, not to mention that sentimental value associated with it. So in this article, you will learn some good signs that you may need to sell your home.

nasty-neighborNeighborhood is going downhill

Maui is a premier destination to live. With a subtropical country setting with many friendly people sharing the Aloha spirit, who wouldn’t want to live in this here? But there may be times when you get into unfavorable situations with neighbors; it can immensely affect your peaceful living. When things cannot be fixed, then it is probably time to move out and find a new neighborhood.

Getting hired on a job which is too far from your home locationgettinghired

When you get hired for a job, which requires you to drive at least 20 miles back and forth, you probably need to consider getting a new home closer to your job location.

If the office is too far from your home, it’s also a drawback on your monthly budget. For instance, the fuel on the island of Maui is a variable $4.19/gallon. Time is another valuable resources. You may be able to recapture lost time driving and decrease your gas costs if you moved closer to your new job.

Screenshot_21You have outgrown your house

We outgrow things, and it’s normal that your house may be one of them. When your children get married and have children of their own, they either move into a home of their own or you may decide to expand your living quarters to include everyone.

If you decide to decrease your home size, many homes in the Wailuku, Kahului, area can give more room for less money. There are also many Condo complexes across the Island that may be your new perfect fit.

If you decide to expand your home size, for your extended family, there a many listings with 4 or more bedrooms and multilevel house in a variety of areas in Maui. A popular home style here is Single family home with an Ohana or detached Cottage. This option allows you your family the closeness you need while enjoying your space as well.

Health Changes

An accident or a decline in health can be a life-changing scenario, especially when it affects your mobility and independence. Selling your home is probably the last thing you may want to think about. However if you are in need of money for your health coverage then selling could be a good option.

These are a few signs that it might be time to move on into a new chapter of your life in a home that is more suited for you and your family.

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market here on Maui please contact me and I can assist with all the details for listing.

I look forward to working with you.


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