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Moving to Maui Checklist I

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So you’re finally moving to Maui? You must be very excited. But before moving-into-a-new-homeanything else, here is a guide you can use when moving to one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii.

Moving for good? If you have bought a family house in Maui, where you want to settle for good, then you might consider hiring a moving company. Moving companies are willing to take on themselves the effort in transporting your items to your new home, for a reasonable consideration. The best way to find movers in Maui is to research in the internet. Yelp has a good list of companies that can assist with your transfer.

Screenshot_21Are you bringing some pets? If yes, then you need to check on the property owners if they allow animals inside. Some condominiums and apartments in Maui do not allow dogs on the premises, although some do permits bringing of cats. If you come from other states, you will expect an inspection in Hawaii which will also require your animals to be quarantined.

Got lots of things? If you are transporting several items, it is wise to have them in big boxes. Putting them in boxes can make your moving process easy and also keep your things safe. You may also want to look into special boxes which have padding in them. Some books about Maui will also help you adjust in the place.Moving-To-New-Home-2

Does your new home have nearby amenities? When you arrive in Maui, you won’t have time to look for some convenient stores or restaurants, as you would be tired. Before you finally move in, try to research some nearby grocery stores, restaurants, or shopping centers using Google Maps. You should also ask your real estate agent about these questions, especially if you are not quite familiar with the area. Preparing yourself ahead of the occasion will save you more time and money in the future.

hauling2Do you have a car? You have two options when you have a car. First, you can sell it and buy a new one in Maui to save on the shipping. If you just bought your car and you want to transport it to your new place, find a reputable mover in Maui who can haul it for you.

Now you almost have everything ready for your Maui relocation.  When you get to Maui don’t forget to say Aloha for a great day.


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