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Make Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

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melanie2Christmas is fast approaching and the air in Maui is getting colder everyday.  Everyone is starting to get busy shopping and wrapping gifts. However, other than Christmas preparations there is one important thing that you shouldn’t forget this season – keeping your home safe.

In this festive time of the year, it is not unusual for burglaries and break-ins to rise. This is also the time of year when most people spend most of the time being away making homes vulnerable than ever. Here are some tips to keep your home safe this holiday season.

    • If you are going out for a vacation away from Maui, let your neighbor know you are going to be away and ask them to help keep on watch of your house while you’re not around.
    • Install some automatic light timers with battery backup. This creates the simulation of someone being at home and create the illusion of movement in different areas in your house.
    • Turn off your ringers and voice mails. It’s best if you have important persons directly call you in your mobile phone.
    • If you will be out for a long period of time, make sure your landscapes are well-maintained. This doesn’t only create an illusion that you’re at home but this helps preserve the condition of your house while you’re away.
    • Keep your vehicle parked in your garage and make sure you don’t leave any spare keys inside.
    • If possible, record a view of each room to document your house’s arrangement and all important documents you have before you leave. This will help you find out if there are missing objects when you return.

melanie4These are the top ten security solutions that you must not forget in additional to the above-mentioned tips if you are staying our of the country longer than usual.

  • Buy an alarm system. It will not only notify your neighbors but also lets police authorities know that burglars have probably gotten into your house.
  • Install a small surveillance camera in your porch which will only cost you around $100. Compared to big a surveillance camera, a small one is almost invisible leaving burglars no idea that it is even there. Hence, there’s no way to destroy it.
  • Cut the shrubs that block your windows. It is also best that you check your area’s suggested heights for shrubs and gates. Safety experts recommend that 3ft x 6ft rule is ideal.
  • Locking your door knobs is not enough since burglars nowadays have improved ways of opening them stealthily. You should have deadbolts in all your doors and windows to prevent them from further unlocking the passage to your house.
  • Place a metal bar along the bottom track of your sliding door. This is an expensive option but at least it will hold off and prevent intruders from forcing your door open.
  • Buy a safe and install it somewhere, not even your family has known. You can place here your important documents, cash, jewelries, and other valuables.
  • Back up all your important documents. If possible, you should can each of them and store them in your external drive. Just in case a fire incident would occur in your house, you still have copies of your documents.
  • hedge-cutting-bannerFinally avoid posting in social media. Although it’s been a trend for almost everyone traveling to post updates on Facebook, it may entice unknown online viewers to come in your house and take advantage while you’re away.

To personally ask more about making your house safe this holiday season, feel free to reach out to me. Should you need a vacation house in Maui,  my listings has an array of beautiful properties with pre-installed security system.



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