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Top Add-ons that Make Home Sell Fast on Spring Season

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Spring is just about the corner. For most part of Maui, spring is considered to be the optimum season to sell a home as large buyers actively search for new home in preparation for summer. Buyers usually come out of the woodwork with a tax refund during spring, and 60 percent of these people plan on moving out during summer.

In 2015, there were 1090 homes in Maui sold at a median price of $580,000, which was way higher than the record in 2014 which only made it up to 942 homes. For the recent year, the real estate market has shown a significant increase.

If you are staging your home on spring, the following things will help your home sell fast.


Power washer and other important cleaning tools.  Winter can leave your house a lot of work to do, from holiday parties and even junks from the weather itself. While general house cleaning is an important part of tasks after a holiday, it also pays to stock your house with some useful tools that new owners can use for cleaning later on.  A power washer adds up to the impression that new homeowners need not to buy their own tools, therefore catching their attention to considering buying your house.


Contemporary appliances. In line with safety, old appliances need to be replaced. Electric kitchenware with deteriorating cords and busted bulbs can become a major drawbacks, especially that they disappoint prospects. As much as possible, you would want to make your house attractive and worth buying to your potential customers unless you want to preserve the antiquity of your house. But make sure that everything continues to be safe and functional.


Home appeal or personality.  Currently, there are three popular designs that have been bugging the home market with really good monetary output during spring: floral, geometrical, and stripes.

  • Floral designs. Though too feminist, floral designs become very popular during spring season. Aside that it adds a new personality to a house, trying to match up with available furniture designs in store and other seasonal trend can add the salable value to your home. Floral looks good on white houses.
  • Geometrical designs. House with geometrical shapes and decorations really sold well in spring of 2015. Houses with some secret rooms and lots of corners can look even better with geometrical designs.
  • Spring is the season for stripes, light or dark. Stripes basically break the monotonous colors houses with flat paint and make it look refreshing. The more attractive your house can become, the higher the chance you are going to sell it on spring.

Homebuyers usually buy a house that don’t need a lot of remodeling for spring. As much as buyers would want to save their money for home decors, you would want to grab that chance and do it for them at the same time, giving a reasonable price for your home’s increased value.


Frames, cushions, and vases.  Add something that could highlight the focal points of your house. Things such as bright frames, real plants on vases or colorful floral, and pillows for your living room furniture can add up the curb appeal of your house. Red pillows can be really attractive for spring and will draw buyer’s attention.


New front lawn flower pots.  Aside from your indoor aura, you also need to work on your outside curb appeal.  Your front lawn design and landscape also needs to jive with the spring setting. You don’t have to spend a lot. Just trim your shrubs, weed your flowers beds, and fix peeling paints, especially if you are using picket fence. Cultivate your plants and add some flower-bearing plants to make your front lawn striking.

First impression is the last – this saying has been very true for many years in the house market. When looking to buy a house, buyers would look for good houses that will fit their budget. Houses that are fully dolled up for spring sell faster because they allow buyers to save on cost for renovations but sellers can also put a reasonable price for their homes.


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