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Video Calling: How Effective Is It in Driving Leads to Your Real Estate Firm?

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Video Calling

Modern technology has made the world smaller. Online apps such as video calls have also become crucial tools in lead generation and marketing in the real estate business.

According to a Gartner report, 20 percent of the world’s 500 biggest companies will be leveraging video chat in 2018. For firms like yours, this could a great opportunity to grasp to drive more customers in. By using video chat, you can communicate with your clients faster and give them a preliminary tour even if the client is not physically present.

Is video calling useful in driving real estate revenue? Well, the answer is affirmative. Communicating with your client face to face and touring them virtually are just part of a bigger benefit. Since almost everyone in the real estate market is starting to leverage video calling, it’s time to take your career into a whole new level.

Going Mobile.jpg

Going Mobile

Establishing mobile presence and offering video chat as one of the ways to communicate with clients is a good way to give your career a new lift. Almost 80 percent of the people nowadays use their phones to browse products and services, at least 50 percent of these prospects could be yours if you are on mobile. People love using phones because there is no hard and fast rule on when and where they are going to use it. So the first thing that you should do is to go mobile.

In order to succeed in this increasingly mobile landscape, you or your realty firm should be on board and be active all the time. Keep your status online and give your prospects one moment at a time. Take full advantage of the new technologies which could set you apart from other firms down the street.

Is it professional to use video calling? We’re are the point where anyone having the latest model of smartphone would want to shop, tour, or research at the convenience of their own home. Even at work, by using different mobile apps people are able to finish a lot of tasks without needing anything else. Hence, even those who still don’t own a smartphone yet would probably need to invest on one.


Streaming Videos and Virtual Touring

Personally visiting a house is a great way to have a closer look to its strength and weaknesses. It’s good to see every room, touch the walls and check if some parts of the house like the wall paints and decorations are wearing off. But as we all know this process can be really time-consuming. Hectic schedules and time conflicts often steer clear clients from pursuing visits and we are left waiting to fill in our own schedule with potential prospects.

For individuals who don’t have much time to personally come to view the house, video-streaming would be a great option to give them a preliminary house preview. By sending a recorded video or showing them a live footage, you are giving them the option to decide whether to go or not. At the same time, you can take this chance to show the core highlights of the particular house to encourage prospects to see it personally.

Virtual touring is also an excellent option for out-of-state prospects who want to view the house despite not being able to come. You simply just take the phone with you and turn on the video calling app, while going around the house.


Reaching out to International Buyers

Who says your real estate career is just limited in your own location. If this is how you think, then you are wrong. Video calling can spread awareness of your existence around the world. It broadens your market and allow people from the stateside to virtually tour houses.

When reaching out to off-state clients, expect that issues on reliability and connection will be raised. Even before that, you need to make that you have a good internet connection and reliable website which prospects can check from time to time.


Collecting Testimonials from Clients

Gone are the days when people have to meet in one place to talk about who the best realtor is. Almost everyone in the world is using the internet to build websites and reach out to people with videos. Just like YouTube, you can collect testimonial videos from your clients and embed them in your site.

Videos give more than just a touch of personalization on your website. It allows positive feedback from past clients to go beyond the reach of your own personal connections. Rather than just quoting a plain text in one of your pages, a buyer’s honest views about your firm can add more value to your website.



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