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Why Hawaiian Food is Sweeping the Mainland: Local Perspective

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1. Our chefs. Our chefs are hard-working, creative, innovative, and disciplined. Yeah, but most successful top chefs are. What I think makes ours different is that they are also humble, generous, grateful for opportunities, listen more than they talk, collaborate well, and are just generally fun to be around!

2. Our island home. The inspiration provided by our home, with access to the world’s technology, techniques, and ingredients gives our chefs an ample source of energy from which to draw. All the chefs I know have inspiration in the water, the waves, their families, all tied intimately to the land on which we live.

3. Our past. As the article’s author noted, Hawaii became a terminal point for the diaspora of the Polynesian migration, the wandering Westerners, and the Asian plantation and other workers. In another place, it might not have worked out so well. But here in Hawai’i these people and cultures created something very unique. And we did so in our language, in our people, and in our food.


Hawaii food is sweeping the nation because of our roots and the flowers that have bloomed since. And because those roots run deep…back to the beginning of time, across all the oceans and continents to the time before time. Ka Piko o Ka Honua. We are the navel of the earth and if people can’t come home they at least want to know what home tastes like.



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